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" It's not our wish that we should fight, but it's our will to be free."

Our aim in setting up this website is to empower Black people to challenge the discrimination we face in education and employment in Britain.

People should be free to develop to their full potential. Two conditions make personal development possible. First, there must be equal access to education and employment. Second, people must be free to live their lives without "a well founded fear of persecution". Neither of these conditions exists for non-whites in Britain.

Black pupils are overly expelled from British primary and secondary schools. Such expulsions damage their chances of receiving further and higher education. They are therefore not free to study for professional qualifications. The result is fewer Black teachers, doctors, lawyers, computer programmers, etc, than there would otherwise be.

As for the qualified few, unfair employment practices prevent them from climbing the career ladder.

The practice of racial profiling abolishes the right to freedom from persecution protected under Article 14 of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights.

In their treatment of Blacks, police, prosecutors and judges seem to use the syllogism: all black are criminals; Henry is Black; therefore Henry is a criminal.

The persecution of Black Britons must be the concern of fair-minded people everywhere regardless of their race.

Without international support, Black people call for justice will never be answered within Britain.

The Internet offers Blacks the chance to expose the often-told lie that Britain is a fair and just country. It must be used to generate call for change within Britain.

Only by winning the fight to end the persecution we experience in Britain, will we be free to fulfil our potential.

We oppose class, ethnic, race, religious and sex discrimination.

We seek to record the social, political, cultural and economic experience of Black people.

We urge Black people to challenge all forms of discrimination. If we fail to challenge present-day injustices, we squander the freedom won by our ancestors' defeat of slavery.